The Ingenious Marketing Of Fabletics

Amazon is currently in control of twenty percent of all fashions sold through e-commerce. Despite this fact Kate Hudson has managed to turn Fabletics into a business worth $250 million in just three years. She uses a subscription to enable her site to sell clothing that is unique, convenient and inspirational.


The combination of quality and price is no longer enough to become successful. Exclusive designs, brand recognition, excellent customer experiences and gamification have become necessary as well. The market must suit the modern consumer due to the economic shift.


Fabletics has modeled themselves after Warby Parker and Apple and their positioning and strategies are paying off. In addition to the sixteen physical locations they already have Fabletics plans to open more stores in Florida, Hawaii, California and Illinois. Their secret is establishing a brand of extremely high quality from their first day. Their membership is also highly personalized and offers fashions at approximately half of what their competitors are charging.


Fabletics runs their physical locations differently in several important ways. Instead of individuals looking at showrooms and then making their purchase somewhere less expensive Fabletics has completely reversed the model. Due to how they began their business they have made browsing quite positive. They take the time to build relationships with their customers and use activities and events to truly understand the current market. This has resulted in between thirty and fifty percent of all individuals walking through their doors already being a member. An additional 25 percent sign up for membership in the store. When their customers try on clothing it is placed in their online shopping cart as well.


Fabletics has become quite popular in posts and blogs. A Foodie Stays Fit often features Fabletics. A review of Fabletics explains that as a VIP Member the first outfit you purchase is just $25 and a la carte items are discounted. You are never obligated to make a purchase or pay any monthly fees. When you join you get monthly outfits created just for you and a two or three piece outfit is only $49 to $59. If you do not purchase anything there is no fee. You simply take a survey when you sign up for a membership and state your preferences. This lifestyle quiz is amazing and really zeroes in on what you like and are interested in. Everyone should at the very least take this quiz.


Reviews show the clothing is high quality, holds up well and looks good. Customers have been impressed by the excellent variety available in styles along with the uniqueness of Fabletics lines. The value is solid and the pricing is much less expensive than brands making similar items.


The website is easy to navigate and use with a nice appearance. Placing an order is quite simple. Most users recommend Fabletics. They are extremely happy with the items they purchased and delighted with both the quality and style. They appreciate that you can always skip months and not owe anything. This way customers only buy when they see something they really like and want to have.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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