The Profile of Norman Pattiz

The Chairman of PodcastOne, Mr. Norman Pattiz has announced the results of the long-awaited Network’s Brand Lift Studies, a first pre-and-post campaign of its kind targeting podcast advertisers. According to PRNewswire, the study conducted by Edison Research in the first half of 2016 showed an exponential rise in the podcast media elements of awareness, perception and predilection to buy. The study involved 5 well-known national consumer brands analyzed across 5 different product and service categories.

Based on the cumulative results, the study showed that more than 60 percent of listeners mentioned specific grocery brand post campaign against 53 percent who noted the same in the pre-study. In the unaided product awareness category, there was a notable increase from the pre-study figures compared to the post-study figures, a difference of 47 percent in the financial services product.

The difference in the automobile aftermarket product and lawn & garden product was 37 percent and 24 percent respectively.

During the post-study, a 1/3 of respondents posted very favorable views regarding the automobile aftermarket product. The figure was much higher compared to 18 percent that was recorded in the pre-study. The study also established that 22 percent of the respondents were likely to use lawn & garden product compared to 16 percent in the pre-study.

Lastly, there was a notable 60 percent increase in the number of respondent’s with awareness of a specific campaign message targeting automobile aftermarket product compared to those in the pre-study.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz or Norm as he is popularly known is a revered broadcasting entrepreneur, best known as the founder of Podcast One and Westwood One Inc. According to Bloomberg, Norman established Westwood One in 1976. His vast experience in the media has seen him serve as the President of Broadcast Education Association and appointment as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governor (BBG) by President George Bush. During his tenure at BCG, he was the brain behind BBG 24/7 music and Alhurra-TV. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Alhurra is a popular Arabic satellite TV targeting Middle East listeners. Norman is currently serving as Chairman of Board of Governor at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Chairman and Board Member of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, which is operated by the LLNS.

According to Forbes, in recognition of his media promotion efforts, reveals that Norman Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and honored by the Library of American Broadcasting with a Giants of Broadcasting Award.

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Investment The Right And Wrong Approach

Warren Buffet recently wagered that he would receive greater returns on a simple investment in an S&P passive index fund than by going to a group of professional hedge fund managers. This seems to be a safe bet. The world of investment has increasingly become flooded with expensive investment funds that feature low returns and high fees.

On the other hand longer term passive funds often do not provide security for investors in the event of the market turning downward. Prominent among all traditional financial wisdom is the idea that people need to invest to secure a comfortable retirement. So what is the average lay investor supposed to do? Find an active investment fund with two features, low fees and a high amount of manager ownership.

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Timothy Armour has 34 long years of experience with Capital Group. Working his way from an equity investment analyst, Tim Armour began as a participant in the Associates Program and now manages an equity portfolio along with his other prominent positions with Capital Group. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group while also leading a subsidiary company and being the chairman of an essential committee. He has epitomized the balance of active and passive investment.

One good example of his leadership is the new partnership with Samsung Asset Management in South Korea. The Korean company will benefit from the expertise of Capital Group. Timothy Armour emphasized the long term vision of helping Korean investors as he helped their American counterparts.

Wen by Chaz Dean Is The Real Deal

A popular cleansing conditioner that is becoming world famous is Wen by Chaz Dean. This amazing conditioner leaves your hair fuller, stronger and healthier. It replaces all of your shower hair needs with its 5-in-1 formula. Designed to smooth, condition, and moisturize your hair. Wen by Chaz Dean provides ingredients to help restore shine and resilience while strengthening each strand.

With all the hype around WEN by Chaz Dean, testing out the product became essential in finding out if the results were true to word. Celebrities swear by its ability to bring shine and bounce to their hair. As originally posted on Bustle, one user decided to review the product and her results were conclusive. The feeling of thickness and fullness was immediate as she applied the product in the shower. This product requires an abundant amount applied based on your length of hair. The smell and feel of the product was unbelievable and less hair was seen in the shower drain at the end.

The YouTube blogger claimed that her hair had a greasy feeling when she woke up in the morning. After taking another shower and styling her hair she received compliments on it’s shine. This resulted in an increase in confidence. The user’s final feelings were that it was a product that does great for those with fine hair who take daily showers. The results were immediate and good to the claim that it improved thickness and shine. Need Wen? Order online on or click here:

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The Ingenious Marketing Of Fabletics

Amazon is currently in control of twenty percent of all fashions sold through e-commerce. Despite this fact Kate Hudson has managed to turn Fabletics into a business worth $250 million in just three years. She uses a subscription to enable her site to sell clothing that is unique, convenient and inspirational.


The combination of quality and price is no longer enough to become successful. Exclusive designs, brand recognition, excellent customer experiences and gamification have become necessary as well. The market must suit the modern consumer due to the economic shift.


Fabletics has modeled themselves after Warby Parker and Apple and their positioning and strategies are paying off. In addition to the sixteen physical locations they already have Fabletics plans to open more stores in Florida, Hawaii, California and Illinois. Their secret is establishing a brand of extremely high quality from their first day. Their membership is also highly personalized and offers fashions at approximately half of what their competitors are charging.


Fabletics runs their physical locations differently in several important ways. Instead of individuals looking at showrooms and then making their purchase somewhere less expensive Fabletics has completely reversed the model. Due to how they began their business they have made browsing quite positive. They take the time to build relationships with their customers and use activities and events to truly understand the current market. This has resulted in between thirty and fifty percent of all individuals walking through their doors already being a member. An additional 25 percent sign up for membership in the store. When their customers try on clothing it is placed in their online shopping cart as well.


Fabletics has become quite popular in posts and blogs. A Foodie Stays Fit often features Fabletics. A review of Fabletics explains that as a VIP Member the first outfit you purchase is just $25 and a la carte items are discounted. You are never obligated to make a purchase or pay any monthly fees. When you join you get monthly outfits created just for you and a two or three piece outfit is only $49 to $59. If you do not purchase anything there is no fee. You simply take a survey when you sign up for a membership and state your preferences. This lifestyle quiz is amazing and really zeroes in on what you like and are interested in. Everyone should at the very least take this quiz.


Reviews show the clothing is high quality, holds up well and looks good. Customers have been impressed by the excellent variety available in styles along with the uniqueness of Fabletics lines. The value is solid and the pricing is much less expensive than brands making similar items.


The website is easy to navigate and use with a nice appearance. Placing an order is quite simple. Most users recommend Fabletics. They are extremely happy with the items they purchased and delighted with both the quality and style. They appreciate that you can always skip months and not owe anything. This way customers only buy when they see something they really like and want to have.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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How the Kabbalah Centre Allows People to Make the Most out of Their Faith

While there are a lot of believers, there are very few people that actually know what it is that they believe in. At the same time, it is that type of person that often speaks the loudest about his beliefs. Some faith writings prohibit such loudness. There is one verse that says to not be so eager to speak but to be eager to listen. Fortunately, there is one center that is dedicated to helping people learn about their spirituality so that they will be able to not only teach the right lessons, but actually take their life to the highest possible level of fulfillment. This center is The Kabbalah Centre.

The Kabbalah Centre has a lot of information on what people can do in order to improve their lives. For one thing, it teaches people how to cope with their lives with the special tools and resources that are offered to the students. The Kabbalah Centre also lays out paths for people to follow when they are dealing with many different issues such as depression and low self worth. More people are discovering by the day the value of service. When people serve, they tend to feel a lot better about everything. Check their locations:

The Kabbalah Centre encourages people to start looking for ways to help others. While society teaches people the opposite of that lesson, it is when people help others that they find themselves being happy with who they are as people. As a matter of fact, this is the highest type of joy that one can experience. There are also a lot of passages in the bible and other spiritual teachings that talk about the value of doing for others. Knowledge and service is actually a great combination for people who are looking for something different out of their lives.