George Soros, Paving The Way For A Better Community and Political System

George Soros is a man worthy of praise, owing to the number of lives he has benefitted through this life. George is known as one of the biggest philanthropy to invest in American Organizations and has been mentioned in various top billionaire lists released by Forbes. George Soros has been trying to make a difference to communities around the world and has helped numerous organizations while doing so.

George grew up in Hungary. When he was younger, he lived in a part of the country that was still under the regime of a pro-Nazi party. Since a very young age, he witnessed the oppression that political systems on Snopes can cause its people and thus decided to help people who were oppressed members of society. Since then, he has come far and helped countless lives along the way.

In 2016, George Soros decided to establish a foundation aimed at helping refugees from war-torn countries. The foundation was mainly set up for refugees entering different parts of Europe, to aid them in their efforts to build their life back up. The foundation helped refugees establish themselves professionally, and helps them to set up their own businesses to support themselves and their families. Through his lifetime and career, Soros has donated around $12,100 million towards efforts to help people. Read more on

Over the years, George Soros’ contribution to various organizations has greatly benefited the causes they support. Since passing out of London School of Economics, George has come a long way in making a name for himself. He earned his fortune by building up a hedge fund after he came to America and started working on Wall Street. With a number of risky currency trades, George Soros has managed to build up his fortune making him one of the richest people in the United States and one of the highest-earning hedge fund managers. Currently, Soros looks after his company out of his home in New York City.

Soros has also played a major role in the American Political Scene. In the last presidential elections, Soros was an avid supporter of the Democratic Party, gifting them as much as $25 million. Soros’ generous donation helped the party with all their campaign efforts. In addition, with the money, the party was able to help numerous organizations and charities and help benefit the lives of countless people.

Even though the Democratic Party lost the political elections, George doesn’t plan to back down from the American political scene. He plans to continue fighting for the just rights of the community. He believes that in the hands of the current ruling party, the American citizens are going to face some serious repercussions and therefore he plans to help the people in whatever way he can.