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There are three core services that are provided by popular Dallas based NexBank. They proudly serve their customers with commercial, investment, and institutional services. You can get a personalized account that will allow you to gain 3.9% interests on your savings after 6 months. John Holt is the CEO and President of NexBank with a strong team of leadership professionals that are committed to providing quality services and creating innovative banking solutions for your money. They are backed with $4.5 billion dollar worth of assets and their shareholders are pleased with their strategy for growth.

PRN Newswire reported that NexBank has successfully completed a $24 million dollar capital raise. This is a superior addition to the common equity that will promote corporate and inner growth of their financial institution. This increase will give them the privilege of several different development opportunities. Their 2016, fiscal (6) month outlook reported $38.1 million dollars in net income and 37.6% return on the average return on their equity. Their ability to raise capital has been very successful and has attracted over 246,000+ the past year. They are also one of the largest growing financial institutions in the industry.

NexBank Features

– Free online bill pay

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Institutional banking

– Commercial banking

– Mortgage accounts

and more…

You can become a part of NexBank by visiting their exclusive website for more details and promotional offers. They allow their personalized banking customers to access their account from anywhere. You have the option of switching money from one account to another over your smartphone or pc. Get services that will allow you to save on college or get low mortgage payments on your new home. Join NexBank today and maximize your money.


Sawyer Howitt Business Owner

Do you want to start your own business? If you do, it is important to think about ways that you can have success at a high level. There are a lot of people who want to start a business and have success immediately. This is simply not how things are done within the industry. A lot of people learn the hard way that business must be done strategically. With that being said, a lot of people are excited about all of the changes that are taking place within this field. Over time, a lot of people are ready to invest in the future with what Sawyer Howitt is doing. He has successfully started a couple of companies, and he is doing really well to take those to a new level. Over time, he has proven to truly understand how to invest in the future of his business and other people.


How EOS Modernized the Lip Balm Market

The lip balm industry has recently become modernized, adapting itself to modern tastes and preferences by moving away from the tried and true formula for lip balms that worked for almost a century but was no longer as appealing to customers. Modern lip balms are now available in a wide array of flavors, in colorful packaging, and with the high quality organic and all-natural ingredients that customers have come to demand.

What is interesting is that this modernization in the lip balm market wasn’t brought about the existing market play such as Pfizer’s Chapstick or Clorox’s Blistex, but rather by a smaller and nimbler start-up that saw that the desires and needs of customers was not being met by the current products for sale and developed their own product to satisfy those needs. That Start-up Company ( ) was EOS and the lip balm market will never the same.

EOS lip balm saw that customers were not passionate or excited about their lip balms and saw them as utilitarian and interchangeable. When a lip balm company needed more revenue they lowered prices and customers, not being brand loyal, simply sought out the cheaper alternative. This is really no surprise given that the lip balms we all based on petroleum jelly and had similar bland flavors.

EOS changed that by using shea butter and other high quality ingredients that provided better lip protection and lasted longer. The flavors used did not have an artificial feel to them, as they were naturally sourced, and this made for a sooth application overall. Finally, EOS created unique packaging and containers that were striking to customers and stood out on retail store shelves of Target and Walmart.

The result was that EOS was able to capture market share from the larger and etter established players in the industry and they too began to modify their products to emulate the success of EOS. EOS revolutionized the lip balm market and now has product offerings that customers are actually interested in buying.

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Karl Heideck, Finest Litigator in Philadelphia

Karl Heideck, Finest Litigator in PhiladelphiaLitigation is defined as the process of engaging in legal proceedings or of taking legal action through the traditional court process, as opposed to through mediation or collaborative law. A litigator, then, is someone, hopefully a licensed attorney, who handles a lawsuit or case from start to finish. This is as opposed to a trial lawyer who is responsible primarily for the part of the case that takes place inside the courtroom addressing the judge and jury.

A professional or doctoral degree in the law would be needed to become a litigator. A litigator’s duties begin with the investigation and usually he/she will enlist the help of private investigators to do the leg work in gathering initial evidence and witnesses for the litigator to interview. Litigation then proceeds to pre-trial motions, the trial itself and, finally, post-trial in which a litigator would handle settlements and the appeals process, if necessary.

Karl Heideck of PhiladelphiaOne such litigator is Karl Heideck of Philadelphia. After completing an undergraduate degree at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania in 2003, Karl Heideck obtained his Juris Doctor degree in 2009 from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University. While he has worked as a contract attorney since April of 2015, Karl Heideck is also an experienced litigator. In addition, Karl Heideck specializes in compliance and risk management review.

Karl Heideck possesses a vast array of skills: both civil and commercial litigation, legal research and writing, intellectual property, employment law and mediation, and corporate law, to name just a few. Karl Heideck has been successfully practicing law in the greater Philadelphia area for almost a decade.

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Flavio Maluf Takes His Journey in Eucatex

Eucatex is one of the leading companies in Brazil’s construction and furniture products. The company was founded back in the year 1954 and was inaugurated in Sao Paulo. It was the very first company to try and go eco with their products and processes. One of the most notable figures in the company is Flavio Maluf. He has been with the company since the year 1987 and is currently the President and the Chairman of the company.

Flavio Maluf is one of the most popular names in the industry. This is mostly because of the change that he pioneered in the industry, through Eucatex. As the president of the company, he is responsible for changing the company for the good and directing it towards a better future. He is responsible for buying thousands of hectares of lands and planting the Eucalyptus that is used on their products. This way, they don’t have to cut down natural trees on He is also responsible for seeing to it that most of their offices are run by solar instead of electricity.

Maluf did not come into the company and directly became president. For him, getting to the leadership position on had to be earned. He first started working for the company when his uncle requested him to come and work in the trade section of the company. As a small boy, he always had a vision that he would someday work in the company, and so he did not take the chance lightly. He came back from abroad, where he had gone to further his studies and got to work, and began working. He was in the trade area for some time, overseeing all regional trade and exports at A few years, he was transferred to the industrial segment, where he worked up to the year 1996. In that year, he got an invitation to join the executive board.

Flavio Maluf is a graduate of FAAP where he took Mechanical Engineering. He also holds a degree in Administration studies. His education background and years of experience in the company has led him to being the best leader there could be according to

George Soros, Paving The Way For A Better Community and Political System

George Soros is a man worthy of praise, owing to the number of lives he has benefitted through this life. George is known as one of the biggest philanthropy to invest in American Organizations and has been mentioned in various top billionaire lists released by Forbes. George Soros has been trying to make a difference to communities around the world and has helped numerous organizations while doing so.

George grew up in Hungary. When he was younger, he lived in a part of the country that was still under the regime of a pro-Nazi party. Since a very young age, he witnessed the oppression that political systems on Snopes can cause its people and thus decided to help people who were oppressed members of society. Since then, he has come far and helped countless lives along the way.

In 2016, George Soros decided to establish a foundation aimed at helping refugees from war-torn countries. The foundation was mainly set up for refugees entering different parts of Europe, to aid them in their efforts to build their life back up. The foundation helped refugees establish themselves professionally, and helps them to set up their own businesses to support themselves and their families. Through his lifetime and career, Soros has donated around $12,100 million towards efforts to help people. Read more on

Over the years, George Soros’ contribution to various organizations has greatly benefited the causes they support. Since passing out of London School of Economics, George has come a long way in making a name for himself. He earned his fortune by building up a hedge fund after he came to America and started working on Wall Street. With a number of risky currency trades, George Soros has managed to build up his fortune making him one of the richest people in the United States and one of the highest-earning hedge fund managers. Currently, Soros looks after his company out of his home in New York City.

Soros has also played a major role in the American Political Scene. In the last presidential elections, Soros was an avid supporter of the Democratic Party, gifting them as much as $25 million. Soros’ generous donation helped the party with all their campaign efforts. In addition, with the money, the party was able to help numerous organizations and charities and help benefit the lives of countless people.

Even though the Democratic Party lost the political elections, George doesn’t plan to back down from the American political scene. He plans to continue fighting for the just rights of the community. He believes that in the hands of the current ruling party, the American citizens are going to face some serious repercussions and therefore he plans to help the people in whatever way he can.

ClassDojo Application Revolutionizes Classroom

One of the biggest challenges that parents have today is staying connected with the education of their children. While teachers are more than willing to meet with parents on a regular basis, demanding schedules often preclude this. Fortunately, through the use of a new mobile application, it will be easier than ever before for teachers and parents to connect. Have a peek on for more.


The newest application, which is proving to have a major impact on the classroom experience, is ClassDojo. Teachers and parents can use the new application a number of different ways. One of the basic uses of the application is as a form of communication. The application has a secure messaging service, which will allow for parents and teachers to discuss classroom progress and any other issues that rise. Teachers and parents can also use the public forum option to discuss open items will all other parents of the classroom. Students can also use the messaging services of the application to ask questions of the teacher and other students in the classroom.


Teachers are also able to use the application to act as a video yearbook. Teachers are able to take pictures of students during the class day and post the photos to the applications. Parents are then able to take the pictures to create their own yearbook or print for personal use. Read more:


While Class Dojo is popular with teachers, parents, students, and other users, it is also gaining the attention of investors. The company has gone through several rounds of capital raising and recently raised additional cash at a $21 million valuation. Investors are impressed by the capabilities of the application as well as the significant room for growth in the future. The company will use the money to develop and enhance new uses, market the product, and hire additional talent.


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