Real Estate Developer- Arthur Becker

Real Estate business has been booming in the recent years with many individuals as well as organizations investing in the firm. Arthur Becker is one of the people who had invested in the real estate business. Becker was an architect. From a young age Mr. Becker was very ambitious and a determined man who worked hard to achieve his dreams. After his high school graduation from DeWitt Clinton High School, Becker served as a draftsman at a shipyard in Bayonne, while studying Architecture at the New York University School of Architecture.

According to NY Mag, Arthur Becker’s career as an architect began in 1941 where he started working as a draftsman with one of the Hollabird & Root companies where he was responsible for assisting the firm to install Airforce equipment in West Indies, Jamaica, and Britain. Later Mr. Becker went back to the United States where he was employed as a draftsman in Portsmouth Va. Shipyard. Arthur was a go-getter, and he wanted to achieve the highest in his career. In 1944 he joined the army where he worked at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio and Gravely point which is currently Reagan National Airport. Becker served as the Chief draftsman for the United States Bombing Survey.

Arthur Becker was discharged from service in 1946. After his discharge, he settled in Montgomery and established his construction firm in 1949 and named it Merrimack Engineering. The organization experienced tremendous expansion, and within a short period it had developed several apartments as well as commercial building including Merrimack Park, Rollins Park apartments, Burning Tree Valley, Topaz House, Bannockburn, and Congressional Towers Apartment. The firm does have not only real estate development in Montgomery but also in other places including Aspen House in Virginia and Columbia Pike Plaza.

Mr. Becker did not stop his real estate development activities as well as investments until his retirement in 1995. He did not have skills and experience in the business field, but he was also a well-known leader. reveals Mr. Becker was a member of the National Council of Architects Boards; he was also a dedicated member of the American Institute of Architects and a long time member of the Woodmont Country Club. Becker served as a member of the Washington Suburban Homebuilders Association. Before his death, Mr. Arthur had established the Miriam and Arthur Becker Scholarship Fund.