A Smooth Transition To A New CEO At The Capital Group

There is a change in leadership at the Capital Group. The death of company CEO and chairman Jim Rothenberg from a heart attack has led the company to promote veteran portfolio manager Timothy D. Armour to chairman and CEO of the Capital Group. Armour is an experienced investment advisor that’s been involved in financial services for more than three decades. Timothy Armour graduated from Middlebury College with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He was then chosen to participate in The Associates Program at the Capital Group. The company was impressed with Timothy Armour he has spent his entire career there.

Founded in 1931, the Capital Group is among the world’s largest and oldest investment management companies. Through it’s offices in America, Europe, Asia and Australia the company manages over $1.39 trillion in assets. A privately held company, Capital Group offers a wide array of financial services products. They include 40+ mutual funds, private equity, several collective investment trusts, investment services provided for high net worth U.S. investors, along with offerings to meet the needs of individual investors as well as institutional clients from all over the globe.

Timothy Armour has held a number of different positions at the Capital Group. The first years he spent there he worked as an equity investment analyst specializing in working with global telecommunications companies as well as U.S. service companies. In his more than three decades with the Capital Group he’s had a series of promotions that culminated with him becoming the chairman of the company’s eight-person management committee. Armour was also a respected deputy to Jim Rothenberg the company’s chairman and CEO. As deputy chairman, Timothy Armour has been a vocal proponent of using in-house research to identify the long-term benefits of several active fund management techniques. He also advocated for the company engaging with the media and being more open.

When Jim Rothenberg died of a heart attack, the company voted to have Timothy Armour replace him as chairman and CEO. That’s in addition to his role as chairman and principal executive officer of the Capital Group’s Capital Research and Management Company. Having spent over 30 years with the Capital Group has helped to prepare Armour to take the helm of the company and lead them to a prosperous future. Industry wide Timothy Armour is a respected financial services expert with the skills, knowledge and experience to maintain the company tradition of success.