Fabulously Fit With Fabletics

Marie Claire reveals the secrets of the active wear industry. Kate Hudson and her famour brand Fabletics have taken the industry by storm through their innovative business model. The Fabletics brand is an e-commerce label which allows customers to subscribe and based on their tastes and preference can receive clothing of their choice on a month to month basis. The brand has been so successful that the 20-30 different outfits sell out every month due to the high demand and undeniable love for Kate Hudson’s active wear. Every month there are two outfits that are in the highest demand and those are the Salar leggings as well as the seamless Samana bra.

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The Fabletics collection makes the wearer just want to go out there and be more active as the clothing will simply make you look good. This is no secret as many Fabletics fans share their successes with Kate Hudson directly through social media. Kate Hudson is always in high demand and finds herself juggling her very successful acting carrier with her business role at Fabletics. She does so with great ease as the brand keeps updating their collection giving the fans what they ask for. More of Kate Hudson and her eye for active wear.

Kate Hudson is a mother, actress and business women and her talents know no boundaries. She manages to balance her life in such a way that allow her to keep moving forward with the Fabletics brand while not neglecting any of her other duties. This April, Kate Hudson announces on Marie Claire Magazine that she will be launching their new line of performance swimwear and athleisure dresses for Fabletics. This has been a normal progression according to Kate Hudson as we want those active women to also be casual when having a night out on the town. The athleisure dresses allow the wearer to be as active as possible whilst still offering comfort and elegance. In the interview Kate Hudson was asked weather she believes that someone could do a mild hike wearing the dress and she said that this would not be a problem at all. All the dresses are made from performance fabric that is incorporated into the rest of the clothing. Source: http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos

Some dresses also come with a built in sports bra whilst others offer easy incorporation. The dresses wrap around the wearers body in a similar fashion to leggings. This tucks away all the necessary making the wearer feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. This is similar with the performance swimwear which promises protection whilst still remaining stylish. Sports at the beach or a session of yoga no longer have to be contemplated. Anything can be done with great confidence.