Securus Technologies Exposed GTL Misconduct

Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of criminal justice technology for public safety in the Nation, revealed that they will be issuing a series of reports over the next six months highlighting wrongdoings by Global Tel Link, an organization that supplies telecommunications services in the corrections industry. The reports will reveal many different instances of unethical actions committed by GTL. Securus stated that the aim of these reports will be to influence GTL to practice future ethical behavior.

Highlighting GTL Misconduct

The initial report focuses on the time GTL worked with the Louisiana Department of Corrections to provide inmates with telecommunications services. As revealed in the report, GTL deliberately added extra seconds to inmate calls and also rated these calls higher than permitted under current rate caps. Securus also reports that GTL knowingly inflated charges by adding additional monetary amounts to calls. GTL is also accused of issuing multiple billings for single calls. The report concludes that these actions were fully deliberate on GTL’s end. Over a million dollars in overcharges were billed to state taxpayers as a direct result of these actions.

As this is only the first in the series of reports to be released over the coming six months, GTL certainly has a lot to worry about in terms of their reputation. It remains to be seen what will be revealed in further reports.

The Purpose of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, serves over 3,000 law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies and many inmates across the country. Securus provides monitoring, emergency response, and other important services designed to promote public safety and strives to operate in an ethical manner. In issuing reports such as these, Securus aims to spotlight unethical behaviors in the corrections industry and to promote change throughout the industry that will benefit facilities, inmates, and the public.

The Business Accomplishments of Sanjay Shah and his Company.

Sanjay Shah is a British tycoon who owns a successful company known as Solo Capital. The firm is a multinational financial boutique, and it was incorporated in September 2011. The company is headquartered in London, and therefore, its business operates under the regulation of the U.K government. Solo Capital was founded when Sanjay was retrenched in 2008 by a bank based in North London. He did not love working for other people hence instead of looking for another job after being declared redundant, he opted to start his company.

Sanjay started Solo Capital on London’s outskirt where he set up an office in a tiny rented room. The firm initially had few employees, but it has developed and currently employees hundreds of professionals. It also owns buildings where its headquarters are located. The business is successful and has enabled Mr. Shah to start other companies in various parts of the world. In the financial year that closed in March 2015, the Solo Capital was estimated to have a net worth of 15.45 million pounds and assets worth 67.45 million pounds.

Mr. Shah’s family relocated from Kenya to the U.K years ago when he was a young boy. His parents were rich, and therefore, they lived in one of London’s wealthy neighborhoods. Sanjay studied in London and went to medical school. He practiced medicine for a short while, but he lacked passion and decided to become an accountant. Sanjay served various investment banks in London before quitting the career. The British millionaire is currently forty-three years old, and he owns various companies that he operates from his private offices in London and Dubai.

Apart from being a well-established business man, Sanjay is a philanthropist, and he takes part in various community development undertakings. In 2004, he started Autism Rocks with a primary goal of creating public awareness on the autism and using music concerts to raise money to assist in funding autism research institutions. He got the inspiration to start the organization after he found out that his son suffered from the neurodevelopmental disorder. Mr. Shah and his wife give personal donations towards autism campaigns, and they are members of various organizations that fight autism.


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Madison Street Capital Receives Recognition

Madison Street Capital CEO and founder Anthony Marsala was recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts AKA NACVA. Anthony Marsala was recognized with the coveted Award of 40 under 40 for 2015. An executive staff from CTI and NACVA together chose the honorees. They were quoted saying they were “overwhelmed with the quality of candidates which made the decision-making process very difficult.” Madison Street Capital COO and one of its Co-Founders Anthony Marsala was chosen amongst a pool of more than a hundred and twenty-five different nominees.

Madison Street Capital LLC has an imperative role that it plays amongst International finances in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Specializing in M&A corporate finance as well as business Valuation Mr. Marsala has a performance record that is exemplary. Having worked with medical devices, biotech, pharmaceutical comma manufacturing, food and agriculture, the energy sector, technology, and distribution and wholesale just to name a few gives Mr. Marsala and extensive insight into the necessary rules to be successful in a multitude of business facets.

Graduating from Loyola University of Chicago Mr. Marsala studied finance and information systems. He holds a masters diploma in strategy was obtained from said business school at the University of Oxford. When it comes to delivering cutting edge corporate financial advisory services Madison Street Capital is a leader in the industry. Committed to leadership, integrity, and excellence, while providing service that is impeccable, Madison Street Capital has maintained a history of success and strong business practices that is respected around the globe.

Anthony Marsala is a member of the American Society of Appraisers and a member of the highly accredited National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. It’s easy to see why Madison Street Capital is such a strong asset to companies both throughout the local communities and the ones globally too.

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Fabulously Fit With Fabletics

Marie Claire reveals the secrets of the active wear industry. Kate Hudson and her famour brand Fabletics have taken the industry by storm through their innovative business model. The Fabletics brand is an e-commerce label which allows customers to subscribe and based on their tastes and preference can receive clothing of their choice on a month to month basis. The brand has been so successful that the 20-30 different outfits sell out every month due to the high demand and undeniable love for Kate Hudson’s active wear. Every month there are two outfits that are in the highest demand and those are the Salar leggings as well as the seamless Samana bra.

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The Fabletics collection makes the wearer just want to go out there and be more active as the clothing will simply make you look good. This is no secret as many Fabletics fans share their successes with Kate Hudson directly through social media. Kate Hudson is always in high demand and finds herself juggling her very successful acting carrier with her business role at Fabletics. She does so with great ease as the brand keeps updating their collection giving the fans what they ask for. More of Kate Hudson and her eye for active wear.

Kate Hudson is a mother, actress and business women and her talents know no boundaries. She manages to balance her life in such a way that allow her to keep moving forward with the Fabletics brand while not neglecting any of her other duties. This April, Kate Hudson announces on Marie Claire Magazine that she will be launching their new line of performance swimwear and athleisure dresses for Fabletics. This has been a normal progression according to Kate Hudson as we want those active women to also be casual when having a night out on the town. The athleisure dresses allow the wearer to be as active as possible whilst still offering comfort and elegance. In the interview Kate Hudson was asked weather she believes that someone could do a mild hike wearing the dress and she said that this would not be a problem at all. All the dresses are made from performance fabric that is incorporated into the rest of the clothing. Source:

Some dresses also come with a built in sports bra whilst others offer easy incorporation. The dresses wrap around the wearers body in a similar fashion to leggings. This tucks away all the necessary making the wearer feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. This is similar with the performance swimwear which promises protection whilst still remaining stylish. Sports at the beach or a session of yoga no longer have to be contemplated. Anything can be done with great confidence.

Lauren Conrad Gives Event Planning Advice

Lauren Conrad is a fashion, publishing, and social media guru. She has successfully tackled all three. Now, as an event planner, she is offering party planning tips to make your next house party fun and entertaining.

Conrad suggests that at every house party, every guest should be made to feel welcome. She points out that you should not get too technical and fussy about every little detail. She emphasizes that if the hostess is relaxed and comfortable, then the guests (and your spouse!) will feel welcomed.

Conrad also emphasizes the art of compromise when planning that perfect house party. Conrad tells how she and her husband throws a hoedown party because everyone owns a pair of cutoff jeans and a plaid shirt. This way, her guests do not feel pressured to go out and purchase a new outfit just for one occasion. Less pressure equals more fun.

Conrad finishes up by saying that having fun is the most important piece of any house party equation. When the hostess is having fun, then all of the guests can have fun equally as much.

Comfort, compromise, and fun are all keys to hosting that perfect house party. But if you want to work with some experienced party planners to make your party even more special, then feel free to check out 23 Layers. 23 Layers is an event planning company that is based in New York City. 23 Layers can help you plan various types of celebrations from corporate get togethers to birthday and anniversary celebrations. Thanks to 23 Layers many connections with established vendors, 23 Layers can help you plan the party that fits your lifestyle and budget.

23 Layers offers various services to help you get your party off the ground. Some of the services that 23 Layers offers includes branding, photography, venue selection, entertainment, and styling. 23 Layers can make your party entertaining and you and your guests happy. 23 Layers has got you covered for all of your event planning needs.