Fine-Haired Bustle Blogger Tries WEN and Posts Great Hair Selfies

It’s hair cleansing at its natural pureness whenever you pick up a bottle of WEN‘s unique no shampoo method. Most people have been in the dark about what ingredients end up in their favorite bottles of shampoos. Harsh detergents are present and serve up damaged, dull locks.
That’s why famous west coast stylist Chaz Dean took action and developed his special botanical cleansing conditioners for stronger, shinier hair. He’s won fans around the world for his simple and smart, healthy WEN hair cleansing system. Wen is often seen on Guthy-Renker.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure was intrigued by the famous WEN infomercials, hoping the cleansing conditioners could work magic on her normally fine, limp hair. So, she chose a bottle of the sephora FIG no-poo and began her own 7-day WEN hair challenge.

Emily kept a daily record and hair selfies to chart her progress, and she appeared to be honest about her hair journey, even when messing up.

For instance, the more WEN product you use in the shower, the better it is for your tresses, because this is not a regular lather shampoo. Emily disregarded that fact and freaked out when learning 16-24 pumps of cleansing conditioner was ideal for her medium long locks. She claims it was excessive and skimped, using only 10 product pumps every time.

We can’t be certain if that affected her results but wish she had properly followed the WEN system.

When Emily stayed on a daily morning WEN wash routine, blow-dried and styled her hair, she looked amazing, and her hair selfies prove it.

If Emily skipped a WEN wash or switched it up in the evening, she felt her hair went flat and greasy.

Emily’s advice: If you’re up on your hair routine, then WEN works wonders. If you’re lazy like her, you won’t see best results.

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