Securus Technologies now investigates giant Global Tel Link

Communication is a vital tool in people’s life. Some years back people jailed in prisons had difficulties in communicating with their families and friends. Securus communication Ltd was founded by Brett Rowe some 20 years ago with the aim of filling the communication gap in correction facilities throughout the United States.

The firm was formally known as T-Netix, Inc, later in 2004 September 9th Evercom System Inc.and T-Netix Inc. joined to form the now Securus Technologies. Since then it has evolved through the years.

Securus AmericaTechnologies has its main offices in Dallas Texas and since its inception, it has been serving more than 2600 public safety, correction facilities and law enforcement agencies all over Northern America. It has been responsible and very committed to serving and offer incidence management, emergency response, biometric analysis, public information, investigation and communication information management. See,

2015 April PR Newswire reports on Securus making a bid step by purchasing agreement with JPay. JPay is a leading company dealing with electronic payment, email and it’s also a host of entertainment and educational apps. This transaction made Securus to the fastest growing sector in the correction facilities. Its main aim being to deliver the best in every institution, prison staff and their families and friends. Mr Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technology, says they are more than glad to offer high-tech software based that every jail and prison needs in order to have a modern operation system. This system is currently operating in more than 30 correctional institutions.

In 2016 as reported again by PR Newswire, the firm made yet another achievement by releasing their first report in a series of reports, exposing a famous inmate telecommunication company Global Tel Link, (GTL) wrong doings against Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC).In the investigation report, PSC finds GTL actions to be unlawful in that they

a) Programmed their telephone clocks to charge up to 36 seconds after each call ended
b) Falsely inflated calling charges to its customers
c) Double billing some calls
d) Deliberately overcharging their clients

Dr Walden Recap

Dr. Jennifer Walden was brought up in Texas, where both of her parents were in the medical professions. She was told from a young age that she had “surgeon’s hands,” and she was always intrigued and moved by surgery “as an art,” she says. She soon went on to study biology in college and attend medical school in Galveston, Texas.

After earning the coveted honor of salutatorian at her medical school graduation, she had the chance to move to Manhattan, to become associate to Dr. Sherrell Aston, a famous plastic surgeon, and someone she would end up learning a lot from. She lived on New York’s Upper East Side for eight years, but eventually, her heart wanted home again.

She had chosen to become a single mother to twin sons, and she wanted them to be closer to her family in Texas. So, she packed up the boys, moved back to Austin, and hasn’t looked back. She has a thriving clinic in Austin, and a handful of satellite clinics in the area, also.

Dr. Walden says that she wants to help her patients become more realistic about their goals with surgery, and she can do this with plastic surgery techniques that are both innovative and occasionally non-invasive. She has pioneered her field by inventing surgical instruments for breast surgery, and she was among the first to use non-invasive procedures for vaginal rejuvenation.

She sees that plastic surgery is often needed, and it can change the relationship one has to one’s body. As an advocate of making patients feel better about themselves, she helps the best way she can, and she’s making waves in Austin. We know she’ll be in the spotlight for years—decades, even—to come.

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Fine-Haired Bustle Blogger Tries WEN and Posts Great Hair Selfies

It’s hair cleansing at its natural pureness whenever you pick up a bottle of WEN‘s unique no shampoo method. Most people have been in the dark about what ingredients end up in their favorite bottles of shampoos. Harsh detergents are present and serve up damaged, dull locks.
That’s why famous west coast stylist Chaz Dean took action and developed his special botanical cleansing conditioners for stronger, shinier hair. He’s won fans around the world for his simple and smart, healthy WEN hair cleansing system. Wen is often seen on Guthy-Renker.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure was intrigued by the famous WEN infomercials, hoping the cleansing conditioners could work magic on her normally fine, limp hair. So, she chose a bottle of the sephora FIG no-poo and began her own 7-day WEN hair challenge.

Emily kept a daily record and hair selfies to chart her progress, and she appeared to be honest about her hair journey, even when messing up.

For instance, the more WEN product you use in the shower, the better it is for your tresses, because this is not a regular lather shampoo. Emily disregarded that fact and freaked out when learning 16-24 pumps of cleansing conditioner was ideal for her medium long locks. She claims it was excessive and skimped, using only 10 product pumps every time.

We can’t be certain if that affected her results but wish she had properly followed the WEN system.

When Emily stayed on a daily morning WEN wash routine, blow-dried and styled her hair, she looked amazing, and her hair selfies prove it.

If Emily skipped a WEN wash or switched it up in the evening, she felt her hair went flat and greasy.

Emily’s advice: If you’re up on your hair routine, then WEN works wonders. If you’re lazy like her, you won’t see best results.

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Creating An Ambiance With Details: 23 Layers

When a small boy needs a first birthday celebration to create big memories, who better to call in than 23 Layers. This premiere party planning service based out of New York City caters to companies large and small, as well as intimate private celebrations. The experience in party planning of the duo has a lot to do with how well they execute their parties and celebrations today. A combined 16 years in the professional party planning industry have set the stage for a to z party planning.

23 Layers can handle all aspects of the planning process starting with the custom printed invitations tailored to the clients desired effect. Menu planning and custom bar and cocktail creation is a major constituent to a perfect party. 23 Layers delivers not just deliciously catered foods but hones in on presentation and expertly crafted food display. Lighting, gorgeous flowers and bouquets, and custom place settings all set the stage for guests to enjoy these custom culinary creations. 23 Layers truly focuses on the alchemy of the perfect party, leaving the guests to marvel at the glittering gold.

A recent party for one year old Teddy had a country farm theme. Not a single detail was missing from the setup, all swathed in a classic checkerboard gingham. All aspects echoed the quintessence of country, from the bulbous shining red apples to the perfectly sized hay bales set upon the desert bar.Farm themed birthday

23 Layers truly said it with food and drew the guests in for a closer look at the details. Little flags evoking a country fair elevated a bite sized apple pie, while a rustic wood and metal wheeled wagon displayed an assortment of classic candy apples.

They considered all the guests when designing the perfectly appointed country farm desert bar. Adults could truly appreciate the delicately decorated cake pops fashioned into farm animal characters, while little one year old fingers could easily grasp the cake pop stick and munch.

Laidlaw and Company Helps Us With Our Investing

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The best part of this is that we will use this money if we ever need it, but we can also use that money when we retire in the future. We have to keep saving as much as we can, and we are working with our broker to make sure that we have enough money when we plan to retire. Retiring is really important to us, and we just want to be ready when it is time. We know that we are not sure how it will go, but we know that we will have enough money to retire because of Matthew Eitner at Laidlaw and Company.

Everyone who is trying to retire should give this firm a shot. We have been working with James Ahern for a while now, and we have made sure that we have all the accounts we need to retire. Our broker at Laidlaw and Company has made sure that we have all the help we need to retire, and we keep calling because we have new options that we want to consider. We are very happy to have worked with Laidlaw and Company, and we will stay there until we are done with the retirement process.

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