Encouraging Students In A Positive Community: ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a free app and communication platform that is taking classrooms into the 21st century. The company has dedicated its app to improving communication and collaboration between teachers and parents to create a positive community feel within the classroom. The easy to use app has grown in popularity with teachers, students, and parents.

Teachers love ClassDojo because it lessens the workload on them, allowing them to create community within their classroom. The easy to use features of creating classes, using premade templates, and creating customized behaviors has allowed ClassDojo to evolve into the app it is today. Teachers can customize it to fit the needs of their class. Through the instant and constant communication, it allows the home to school connection to strengthen. It gives parents the empowerment needed to help their children in the classroom and teachers and parents the connection to improve the student academically and behaviorally. This app encourages change from the ground up, giving everyone a stake in creating the community they desire.

Features like the picture and video messaging have created a way for teachers to share those moments within the classroom that parents miss. This positive communication allows teachers and parents to create a positive community and helps the student grow as a learner. Students enjoy watching their monster earn points and become class leaders. ClassDojo has decided to take this positive community goal a step further.

Growth mindset is a popular term in the education field and means that the student needs to recognize that all people can learn regardless. Their minds are able to expand and take in information and be successful. ClassDojo has partnered with Stanford to create a series of videos starring the popular monsters. These videos are in hopes that students will stop thinking they can’t do it and start believing in themselves. Research has shown that how a student views themselves can affect their progress. ClassDojo wants to help students be successful and grow as learners.

ClassDojo has grown and evolved since its early stages. The features, videos, and presentations they have all are geared towards helping students achieve their maximum potential and helping to ease the workload of teachers.


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NutriMost is a Customized Dieting System that Produces Instant Weight Loss Results

Healthy habits have numerous benefits to the human bodies. However, very few people can adhere to a healthy lifestyle strictly. Most people complain on facebook that they are struggling with weight-related diseases. Some have tried many weight loss strategies and have realized insignificant results. Despite the deployment of many dieting systems and supplements to the diet and fitness world, only a few of them produces a positive impact. Nutrimost is a unique dieting system that addresses complex weight issues and produces instant results where other program fails.
NY FatLoss explains how it works

NutriMost system utilizes a computer scanning technology to analyze the body of a patient and identify his or her health concerns. The system develops a dieting program that can bring the patient’s health back to its original state.

Stefani Brown began guiding clients on how to embrace nutrimost.com‘s program after using it to help a family member to lose weight successfully. Brown established Nutrimost Nebraska, a facility that specializes in offering personalized care programs. It uses modern diagnostic techniques to identify the real source of the problem, instead of using medications to deal with pain and symptoms. Brown learned the idea of NutriMost from Dr. Lisa Staudt (her sister), who is a Papillion-based chiropractor.

In her chiropractic profession, Staudt deals with many weight-related questions from patients. She refers them to the NutriMost technology. According to Staudt, the technology functions by using hormones to balance other hormones. The fat-storage hormones are turned off while the fat metabolism hormones are turned on to speed up the digestion of fats. Staudt was a student of the NutriMost technology’s creator, Dr. Ray Wisniewski.

Since every person has unique healthcare needs and responds differently to situations or products, NutriMost system comes up with a unique program. The physician guides the patient on the best method of embracing the program. The physician monitors the patient and evaluates whether the program is producing positive results.

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JustFab Gets the Attention of Curvy Women

The Curvy Fashionista is the site that women check out when they are interested in getting tips on some of the best fashion that is out there for the plus sized crowd. Women that are checking out this website recently got the word that there are going to be a lot of JustFab clothes that are going to present curvy women with options.

The JustFab site has been quietly growing in many ways. Women are starting to realize that shopping online is one of the easiest things that they could do. It is just so simple because females can put things in their cart with a couple of clicks. They can check out in the course of a couple of minutes. This level of convenience is something that plus-sized women have been looking for, and they have found this with JustFab.
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JustFab has conjured up the best way to lure curvy women by presenting beautiful women in the curvy section of the website. These women have access to beautiful clothes, and the photos tell the whole story. These women look sexy and alluring. They seem like they are have so much fun. That is why plus sized women are taking interest in what is being sold with JustFab. They want to rock the same delightful smile that the curvy women on the website are rocking with their awesome outfits.

The clothing industry is changing in a lot of ways. People are trying to figure out how to stay ahead of the fashion game, but the Internet is the only true way to do it. This is where the latest fashion news breaks. That is why people that are connected to JustFab are going to be up on the latest trends. Many of the hot magazines like Essence, Glamour and People magazine have highlighted the clothes that are sold on this website. It has become a site that is perfect for all those people that are trying to keep a trendy wardrobe.

Ordering clothes online is easy, and JustFab makes it fun. The prices are affordable and the styles are fabulous.

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Beneful – Giving Dogs What They Want

Nestle Purina Store is a fantastic maker of dog foods. They have created a line of very interesting foods for dogs to try, and the pets do like them, in fact, they love them. Many pet owners only purchase Beneful in order to give their dogs what they need for nutrition and also for taste.
Dry Dog Foods

For many dogs, dry dog food represents a way to not only feed them, but to keep their teeth in good shape. Petowners love the choices that Beneful offers in the way of dry dog food because they can get plenty of different flavors for their pet.

Wet Dog Foods

Wet dog foods are also popular for many dogs. They enjoy the moistness of the food, and the flavors that are available on Wal-Mart stores are astounding.

Healthy Smile Dental Ridges

The Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are dog treats that will help keep the dog’s teeth and gums in good shape. They can have these on a regular basis without causing detriment to the dog’s health. Staying healthy is a main priority when Beneful creates fantastic products for dogs.

Dog Treats

Having a special treat every now and then is good for a dog. These specially made dog treats will give them a taste that they will love. Pet owners can choose chicken and cheese to treat their dog, as well as many other flavors that they might enjoy.

For pet owners, Beneful offers just the right line of products to keep dogs both healthy and happy. Since dogs need to have their share of great food, they will love the different tastes that their owners can provide for them. Having the choices that Beneful gives homeowners is just what many dog owners have been wanting for a long time. Choices that make sense, and the price is right too. Follow Beneful: https://twitter.com/beneful