Bruce Levenson: Philanthropic Genius

What if a single set of donations could perpetually fund a variety of nonprofit organizations? According to PR Newswire, Bruce Levenson has managed to do exactly this thing. Three years ago, Bruce and Karen Levenson donated enough money that the University of Maryland was able to complete The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. Said center raises ten thousand dollars every semester between its varied classes. This money is then donated to worthy organizations of a nonprofit persuasion. But it is not just that the center donates to other organizations, it is also that the center is responsible for educating thousands of students. Not only the undergraduate and graduate students with a concentration in philanthropy benefit, because all the students who attend the University of Maryland are funneled through it; and this was the Levensons’ aim from the beginning. The Center has also become a favorite recruiting pool for a number of Washington D.C. philanthropic organizations, some of them exceptionally prominent. Readers will likely recognized both the Marriott Foundation and the Smithsonian. Bruce Levenson and Karen are exceptionally satisfied with what has been done in reference to The Center, and well they should be. It not only raises money in a perpetual way, but it enlivens students, inculcating a passion for philanthropic pursuit in them that goes on to affect the entire world. No wonder Karen said The Center is their “most profound” contribution to the world of philanthropy. The University is pleased with their new Center, as is the nation’s capital.