Philip Diehl Warns About Penny Waste

Philip Diehl recently gave an interview on CNBC to discuss the demise of the penny. Diehl is the president of U.S. Money Reserve and previously served as a Director of the U.S. Mint. His appearance on Squawk Box focused on why the penny should no longer be minted. Essentially, people really don’t use the penny like they once did. Also, the government has to spend a lot of money to mint pennies. With such diminished need, minting the penny is a waste of funds.

The amount of money spent minting pennies is around $105 million per year. All of that money could be saved by retiring the penny. Many do resist the any suggestions to eliminate the penny.

One reason the penny is still minted is due to worries over the economic impact in the aftermath of its elimination. By ceasing to mint pennies, inflation is a purported likely outcome. Diehl dismissed this notion on the interview. In fact, he pointed out the argument is an outdated one due to the way people pay for things. In modern times, roughly 75% of all transactions are performed electronically. Payments made online with a credit card and those in stores with a debit card are examples of electronic payments. People simply do not use cash and coins like they used to.

Anyone affiliated with U.S. Money Reserve knows the business of coins. The Austin, TX company does not del in copper pennies. The coins sold are made from precious metals. The gold, silver, and platinum coin sold by U.S. Money Reserve are legal tender, and they are perfect investment vehicles for those hoping to expand a portfolio.

Gold coins are always going to have value. The future of the copper penny is no so bright. As more and more transactions are processed electronically, the less the one-cent piece will be needed. In time, the penny will be no more.

Doe Deere Is The Head Unicorn In Charge

Not only is her name unusual, but Doe Deere is a unique one of a kind business woman. Doe does not like sticking to the rules of makeup and fashion. Her rule of thumb is, there are no rules. She made her company a huge success by not playing by conventional fashion rules. Evidence can be seen by observing her brightly unnaturally colored hair. She wears it every color of the rainbow and sometimes all of them at one time. She loves to play with style and color in everything from hair to makeup, to her clothing She loves to play with color and pattern. Her makeup line was created for a person who wants to explore their own unique style and she gives them the freedom to express themselves using color. The color palette for Lime Crime makeup is amazing. There are lipstick shades that vary from dark reds to sparkly teal. There is just about every color that you can imagine. She offers her customers variety and fun. Expressing your style should be fun and she has given us just about every shade of fun to be had.

Doe loves to break conventional rules such as don’t mix a bold eye and a bold lip together. She says why not? You can mix bold shades as long as there is something to tie the look together. Bold colors can compliment one another. Some say that you shouldn’t mix too many colors. She feels like you really can’t have too many colors. Have fun and use prints and lot of color. Wear what you like to see yourself in and don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. Find something that will tie the look together however so that the clothes make some sort of sense. She feels that women have suppressed their creativity in fear of the opinions of others. She candidly speaks out against this stigma and actively dress however she feels like dressing that day. Why save things for special occasions? Wear them whenever you feel like wearing wardrobe pieces that you love.

Doe Deere went from a young girl with a love of makeup and color and a huge sense of fashion adventure to an equally adventurous but well-seasoned makeup artist, fashionista, and business entrepreneur. Her social media posts of makeup and exploration of fashion went from popular to rocketing her to a huge success as the creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Lime Crime is a cruelty-free line that is personally overseen by Doe Deere. She is in the lab in her spare time helping to create her newest additions to the makeup line. She takes her work very seriously but also has made her work enjoyable and fun. She feels like she isn’t really working at all. Fans of her makeup can’t wait to see what she will come up with next.

Urging Reconsideration on All Fronts

In 2008, George Soros, billionaire, activist, businessman, best-selling author, and philanthropist of Hungarian origin anticipated a financial crisis in European countries that would cause the European Union to eventually collapse. Today, we watch as his prediction becomes a reality. Since 2008, there have been many causes of political and financial instability in European countries such as the decline of the value of the Euro, the financial crisis in Greece, Britain’s oppression as a member of the union, and conflicts between two nonmembers, Russia and Ukraine.

Soros believed that when European Union nations become divided or slow to offer aid to member or non-member European countries, it will eventually lose its power financially and politically. In his essay, “Nations Work Best When They Work Together, in Europe and Beyond, Soros discusses Britain’s desire to leave the European Union urging the country not to leave the union because their contribution to the union strengthens their country in terms of stability and security as well as the union itself.
After years of political and financial hardships, the European Union is on the verge of collapse. This is the prediction that Soros made based on his years working with the pro-democracy charity in Europe and its many networks. Soros founded this charity in 1976 to protect human rights, freedom to pursue a better quality of life, and to help citizens of over 70 countries gain access to better health care and education.

The euro crisis is caused, among other reasons, by financial instability in European countries making up the European Union. The market of each country making up the European Union has a direct effect on the well-being of the Euro because, as Soros wrote in his 2015 article, “Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?”, the strength of the Euro depends on the strength of the European Union, which depends on the financial contributions of its members.George Soros, an advocate for and supporter of the Ukraine, explains that, while not a member of the European Union, if given enough support by the European Union, the Ukraine would, in turn, help strengthen the union. quoted Soros says he sees the growth potential of the reformed Ukraine and how damaging Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is to both countries as well as the European Union. He wanted to resolve this in two ways. One, by calling to Europe to help stop Russin aggression against the Ukraine and two, by increasing financial support to the Ukraine to help it develop to its full potential. In the same 2015 article by Jennifer Ablan called, Russia Bans George Soros Foundation as State Security ‘Threat’, Soros explains that Ukraine has the “spirit of solidarity” that the European Union needs to once again become stable financially and politically.

Soros’ predictions of a collapse of the European Union as well as damage to the security, stability, and financial well-being of European countries is coming true. Russian aggression against the Ukraine, the decline of the value of the euro, and Britain’s insistence on leaving the European union continue along with George Soros’ efforts to get all fronts to reconsider their actions.

Greg Hague, Changing the Market of Home Selling

Scottsdale Arizona is the home of an entrepreneur named Greg Hague. Among the many things he does is work as a partner with Harvey Mackay, a New York Times best seller. He is a repeat entrepreneur who has a passion for changing everything around. He has put together quite a bit of real estate firms. Given his success, he now speaks across the country at various events. Among the different topics he speaks about is the method of selling homes in AZ. One thing that he is hoping for is that the sale strategies that are used on the Apple and Amazon levels will be adopted to the real estate market.

Greg Hague runs Real Estate Mavericks. It is a company that is dedicated to doing exactly what Hague wants, and that is shaking up the way things are done in the real estate market. There were a few formulas that Real Estate Mavericks adopted. One formula was known as the “Listing Agent” formula. This has made it possible for the Mavericks to list 10 houses in a row for sale. This worked even for agents that have never listed a home. Greg Hague has looked at other formulas in order to sale homes that turned out to be effective.

His second formula was a fast sale plan that took 29 days. This formula was effective in making him one of the most trusted selling agent. In fact, he has become the #1 selling and listing agent in his state. Real Estate Mavericks also has some courses which deal with new ways of thinking that will help sell homes. They have a way of selling which breaks away from the cold calling and scripts that are outdated. He has a method that is more honest, and yet effective because of the plan that goes with it.

This method is what Greg is hoping to use in order to bring about a more efficient way of selling homes. One thing Greg Hague notices is that homes are sold with a method that he calls “hope marketing”. This is where a sign is set up on the yard with some advertisements. Then the home is shown and open houses are held in the hopes that someone buys the home. Greg Hague notices that these homes are treated like a loaf of bread in the grocery store. He then took note of how companies like Apple market their products when they launch the latest gadget. He advises that real estate sellers take a similar approach to home selling.

Greg has introduced what is called the 22-Step Home Launch Formula which is used to build anticipation for the home. He engages in a pre-launch period before putting up a yard sign. The pre-launch process involves disclosing the story and motivation of the seller. Among the things they do is announce that the home is going to be for sale and use other messages in order to get the buyer anxious to pay for the home.

The Trend Of Sales As Evidenced In The Manhattan Reals Estate Development

Town Residential is a New based firm that works to develop the real estates in the United States. The company works to develop luxurious and modern housing designs that get sold to the general public. Town Residential was established in 2010 by Mr. Andrew Heiberger, who worked in close association with Sitt Joseph. The firm has been operating for only five years, and it has met achievements and lots of success by conquering the real estate industry.

Town Residential mostly specializes in the sales of residential and apartments, leasing and renting of property developments, and the commercial selling of the residential. Town Residential has brought about the excellence and comfortability in the industry. The firm has qualified professionals who work to enhance continued growth and development of NYC apartments for sale on townrealestate.

The Virtual strategy marketing made a liberation reporting on how the Manhattan real estate sales were trending. The release concentrated mostly on the quarterly basis in which Manhattan made sales of their top notch residential. The 2015 financial year outlined a continued gain in the apartment sales. Manhattan evidenced a five percent increase on a consecutive annual basis. The approximated amount rose to 1,976,660 dollars whereas the median sales registered a sixteen percent which was regarding growth.

The last quarter of 2015 recorded a six percent increase that was on a price per square foot basis. The approximated amount of the price per square foot was 1,365 dollars. An eight percent increase in the price per square foot was also realized when calculated on a quarterly basis. Manhattan cooperatives also made a remarkable increase of four and a half percent. The figure change amounted to 1,272,902 dollars from the previous quarter that had registered a total of 1,217,017 dollars. The comparison between 2014 and 2015 on a year basis amounted to an increase of more than six percent.

The report suggested that in the fourth quarter, there was an evidenced percentage increase. The bedroom condos also registered an estimated figure of fifteen years over the fourth quarter. Manhattan real estate development has evidenced a ridge between the new sales events and the average trends of the residential resale. Mr. Andrew stated that price adjustments had been evidenced in the industry due to the peak levels of sales that were evidenced at the first quarter of the year.

Bruce Levenson: Philanthropic Genius

What if a single set of donations could perpetually fund a variety of nonprofit organizations? According to PR Newswire, Bruce Levenson has managed to do exactly this thing. Three years ago, Bruce and Karen Levenson donated enough money that the University of Maryland was able to complete The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. Said center raises ten thousand dollars every semester between its varied classes. This money is then donated to worthy organizations of a nonprofit persuasion. But it is not just that the center donates to other organizations, it is also that the center is responsible for educating thousands of students. Not only the undergraduate and graduate students with a concentration in philanthropy benefit, because all the students who attend the University of Maryland are funneled through it; and this was the Levensons’ aim from the beginning. The Center has also become a favorite recruiting pool for a number of Washington D.C. philanthropic organizations, some of them exceptionally prominent. Readers will likely recognized both the Marriott Foundation and the Smithsonian. Bruce Levenson and Karen are exceptionally satisfied with what has been done in reference to The Center, and well they should be. It not only raises money in a perpetual way, but it enlivens students, inculcating a passion for philanthropic pursuit in them that goes on to affect the entire world. No wonder Karen said The Center is their “most profound” contribution to the world of philanthropy. The University is pleased with their new Center, as is the nation’s capital.