Revealing the Strategies that Propelled a Small Startup to a Multi-million Dollar Business

Fast Company picked the brains of EOS founders to discover what strategies they utilized to grow their business from the ground up. EOS was founded by Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. Teller had prior experience in startups and Mehra in the consumer goods industry. Their unique backgrounds equipped the founding with the knowledge needed to succeed in growing EOS lip balm.

Teller and Mehra specifically chose to venture into the lip balm market because of the opportunity they saw. The team understood that marketing a new and exciting product into an industry that had remained quite monotonous could yield excellent returns. What had been accepted as a unisex tool for decades, EOS decided to dedicate to women. They completely rethought the old, cylindrical design of traditional lip balm and replaced it with their trademark orb shape. This provided women with an appealing and enjoyable experience.

To market their new product, EOS approached several vendors and stores such as Walgreens, WalMart and more. Their first successful purchase came from an interested vendor at Walgreens. After EOS lip balm soared off of the shelves, several online stores like eBay became interested. Instead of outsourcing, EOS established their own manufacturing facility to ensure the quality of their products. This option also allows EOS to cut significant costs as the whole process is entirely automated.

Despite being a new company, EOS quickly became the most active advertisers in the lip balm industry. Their new lip balm was featured in countless magazines and television ads. EOS also took extra strides to get their product featured in music videos with celebrities by the likes of Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. EOS ( strategically catered their advertisements to the millennial generation. These efforts helped propel EOS to sell 1 million units per week. This once small startup has now grown into a $250 million company.


Talk Fusion: The People’s Choice

When a company can appeal to both the people out there and media giants like the Technology Marketing Corporation (, they are doing something right, for sure. When it comes to the people, they are outspoken and that is meant in a good way. After all, freedom of speech is important and people should feel comfortable expressing how they feel without any worries or any fears about it. Of course, it is always great when it is respectful and well thought out and that is how all of the reviews are for Talk Fusion, which is a video communications provider. They excel in this area with groundbreaking video chat, video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences.


When it comes to the media giant that was spoken about earlier, they look at the best products that are out there and they look for ones that are looking to improve and expand in various ways. If a product is just staying the same and not making any improvements, it still might be a good company, but it is not a great company. By winning the the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award, they have proven to be a great company. That is a big difference. If people are going to get involved in a community or be invested in it, they have to know it is the right company. In many cases, people have quit their jobs to use Talk Fusion and all of the services it provides.


It has allowed them a whole new way of life and a whole new way of thinking of their situation. In the past, they might have thought there was no way out and they were stuck. Now, they are realizing they have options and those are a wonderful thing to have. No one wants to feel like they only have one choice on the menu. They want multiple choices. When someone has multiple choices, the world is their oyster, as they say.


They are in control of their lives once again and they can start a brand new career. As they say, it is never too late in life to start over and get a fresh start on things. Life gives second chances.


The real estate industry in the US has been evolving almost quarterly now, bringing new developments, styles, and architecture all together to create unique households. The industry’s growth has seen the need for subsidiary businesses to start, one being brokerage firms that have played an important impact in the industry. Such a brokerage firm is Town Residential. Based in Manhattan and also named one of the city’s Top 50 places to work in, the company was established six years back by a top real estate developer and licensed attorney Andrew Heiberger and other experienced dynamic associates.

The real estate firm is of luxurious purposes and due to the founder’s experience in real estate, in 2011, it was ranked one of the top 10 largest brokerages in Manhattan, with just one year after incorporation. Well, the founder is quite an influential figure in the real estate arena, being a board governor and member of the Real estate Board of New York. He also serves as the company’s chief executive officer and co-chairman. The company is working together with a partner, Thor Equities, owned by Joseph Sitt. This partner also serves as the landlord and real estate development firm. In part of its expansion on 2013, the firm merged with Thomas & Ingram to boost its sales.

The privately held company has between 200 and 500 employees who all strive to become a paramount part of the New York real estate landscape. As said earlier, the founders are well experienced in luxurious real estate selling, rentals and marketing not forgetting business principles that are essential in the industry.

The company boasts of applying not very complex ways of ensuring that value in luxurious estates is achieved. They also state that their dedication to new developments in the industry is healthy and trying to provide their customers with clear information, guidance and expert consultations in real estate properties. They are proud of working with customers of all real estate business levels, offering innovative ideas all in one.

Clients who are interested in real estates can find efficiency in Town residential while finding their spaces. The company has incorporated technology in their work, in that you can browse on and find a broad range of properties, both in description and picture form to suit your needs.

Well, with all that said about the company, we can be rest assured to visit the company’s friendly-to-use website and experience the wide range of professionalism in the real estate sector. In social media platforms, new customers can check them on their Instagram and Twitter pages where they offer Q&A forums for its clients. Its employees will be happy to assist.

Handy’s Invaluable Service Reaches the Millions

Handy is a home cleaning service that is designed for people who do not want to have to clean their own home or who simply do not have the time. The Handy company does not actually clean homes for people, but it does connect them with others who are able to clean the home for them. This means that the service is, essentially, a middleman and they can provide their clients with both services and secondary clients for the ones who provide their services. Handy has worked so hard to be successful and it has paid off.

When people sign up to offer their services on Handy, they are expected to fill out all of the information that is required to offer their services. The website asks them for location, services offered and a few other details. Handy is also able to provide background checks so that they can guarantee the services to clients. While Handy works with the people who are a part of offering services, they do not guarantee the service- only that the person who is performing it has had a background check done by Handy and what was a result of the background check done by them.

Homeowners can be sure that they are getting a high-quality house cleaner when they work with Handy. This is because of everything that the site does. The convenience factor also plays a big role because people do not have to spend hours perusing different sites and getting recommendations from friends and family. All they have to do is visit the site to find out exactly what they need to about the people who are cleaning their homes. This allows them to save time and, hopefully, save money on the housecleaning services that they need for their home. reveals that it is clear that Handy is doing something right. While they have not been in business for a very long time, they have been very successful. The service is now able to boast that they have had one million bookings per week. They plan to continue to focus mostly on the housecleaning aspect of things for homeowners but they are also planning to use their past success to branch out into other areas of home services like maintenance and even some professional services. The site is going to continue to grow and get bigger from where they first began with the house cleaning services they offered.

Fabletics: Dedicated to breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer is when abnormal cells begin to invade the tissue. These cells develop a tumor that causes a lump in the tissue. It is important to note that not all lumps are cancerous. While most cancers begin in the nipple and the glands that make the breast milk, a small number can develop in other parts of the breast tissue. This explains why breast cancer not only affects women but also men. October is breast cancer awareness month. Kate Hudson continues to recognize the importance of breast cancer awareness.

Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics. Launched in 2013, Fabletics was created to provide stylish high quality fitness gear that was affordable. Since its launch, Fabletics has been dedicated to providing active wear for women of all shapes and sizes. The product line designs outfits that are stylish and practical accommodating all lifestyles. They offer high quality active wear for both men and women. The Fabletics team has taken their support of breast cancer awareness a step further.

Kate Hudson and the Fabletics team have joined forces with the Council of Fashion Designers of America as the 2016 Ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. For over 20 years, this council has been providing women of all nationalities with preventive breast health information. They also provide help to women that have been diagnosed and need access to quality health care. Fabletics has launched a limited edition pink seamless active wear collection in support of breast cancer awareness. Unlike the traditional breast cancer awareness pink, this collection is a darker shade of pink with a magenta hue. Kate says that this color change was inspired because she wanted “to create something wearable and not just a fundraising tool.” The proceeds will benefit the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Targets Breast Cancer initiative.

Learn more about Fabletics:

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Richard Blair Gives Proper Advice And Strategy For Renting On AirBnb

Through he use of AirBnb, people all over the United States are capable of renting out their homes or part of their homes to clients. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions notes on the benefits of renting out but also the risks that are involved that people need to be aware of before getting started. A homeowner is able to rent out single rooms, garages, or guest apartments in their homes, but there is a lot of things they should set up and learn before getting involved with a stranger.

Richard Blair works to advice clients on renting out their homes in the way of managing their wealth. This is why Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions, which he leads and handles clients that want to make more money through renting their property. Through renting, a homeowner is able to use up empty space or keep saving up for the mortgage bill that is attached to the home in question, or perhaps even purchasing another home.

It takes some preparation and management of risk factors when deciding to rent out part of a home to a traveler. Through Wealth Solutions and the help of Richard Blair, he will make sure his clients have the necessary insurances to make sure they are covered in the case of something going wrong. This is because some people end up causing damage to the homeowners property, or even get injured themselves, which the homeowner ends up being reliable for without being prepared. Sometimes guests also end up leaving without making a payment for their stay.

Richard and his company offer their clients advice and strategies for investing their rent earning and help them put it into things like their retirement. This money can turn into investments, a cash fund for a home mortgage if a homeowner wants.

Richard encourages all of his customers to rent out a room in their homes, as long as they do so smartly and with proper precautions. Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions are always willing to help and gives free consultations to prospective clients to better prepare them for what to expect when renting through AirBnb.

Securus Technologies Proves To Be the Best by Unveiling Investigator Pro 4.0

Investigators, correction facilities, and the entire criminal justice cannot control their joy after learning of the new software developed by Securus Technologies. The Innovator Pro 4.0 is a product of the JLG Technologies.

The software has unique features that would enhance the fight against criminal activities associated with the inmates. In addition, the technology will significantly aid investigators in their quest to uncover fishy gang-related activities. It is a solution expected to improve the safety of the citizens and monitoring of the inmates. Furthermore, the Investigator Pro 4.0 will ease and simplify the investigation process.

The Securus Technology software has advanced voice features that are vital for monitoring, investigating, and correcting inmates. I noted that the Investigator Pro has a searchable voice that is important in differentiating various voice samples among the prisoners. Therefore, it becomes simpler to track inmates’ incoming and outgoing telephone calls. The move will help to prevent any criminal activities conspired by the incarcerated parties before they happen.

Moreover, the investigators and the correction agencies are happy since they can know the people the inmates are talking about, the content of their conversation, and the criminal history of the person calling the prisoners. Besides, the investigators are having an easy time dismantling any illegal activities planned by the inmates by using the software to establish inmates communicating with each other via telephone.

Securus Technologies lead among the companies that offer civil and criminal justice technology solutions in North America. The solutions are crucial to investigators, correction agencies and the law enforcers in their quest to eradicate crime.

Today the technology organization services the largest number of correction centers in North America. Their main offices are in Dallas Texas. Securus has over one million inmates and dedicates to provide emergency responses among other services to their clients.

With this innovation, I perceive that the Innovator Pro 4.0 will be a game-changer in the fight against crime in America.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Gooee’s LED Lighting System

The Light-Emitting Diode (LED) is a recent Gooee’s innovation. It is a rapidly developing lighting technology that helps use energy efficiently. Interestingly, quality LED bulbs are durable and offer comparable light than other types of lighting. LED is foreseen as a potential transformer of the future lighting in the United States. Housing LEDs, especially energy-rated bulb uses at least 75% less energy, and its lifespan is 25 times longer than the incandescent bulbs.
Extensive use of LED lighting can significantly reduce lighting expenses in the US. The U.S projects to save about 348 TWH due to the use of LED lighting.

Factors to consider before buying LED bulbs

Consider the lumens, but not watts

When purchasing bulbs, people are accustomed to considering watts as an indication of the bulb’s brightness. However, contrary to the incandescent, LED brightness is not determined by the watts.

The right color

While you count on incandescent in providing a warm, yellowish hue, LED displays an impressive range of colors from blue to brown, to a spectrum of yellow and white.


LEDs are like hybrid cars; cheaper to operate but expensive. When switching from incandescent to LED bulbs, expect to spend more. Luckily, stiff competition has forced the price for LEDs to decline but expect to pay more than an incandescent.


Often, LED bulbs are incompatible with traditional dimming switches because of their circuitry. In some instances, you may have to replace the switch or pay a little more for a compatible LED bulb.

Fabletics Is A Growing Company That Offers An Excellent Clothing Selection

For those looking for affordable, new clothes each month, Fabletics’ clothing of the month club often has just what they are looking for. Subscribers can choose from many stylish outfits for a monthly rate of $49.95. If you are a fan of exercise attire, their clothes could very well be just what you are looking for, because their outfits are designed with exercise in mind. Kate Hudson is one of the Fabletics’ founders, and she has always been passionate about exercise.

The clothing made by Fabletics has gotten a very good reputation. There are numerous excellent reviews of clothing by the company on the internet, and the company has even been featured by well known magazines, such as Elle, Glamour, People, and Shape. More than a million people have subscribed to their clothing of the month club, and this number is likely to go up in the future. The business is also Better Business Bureau accredited, and it has gotten a very good grade through the organization.

While making the clothes exercise friendly is important to the company, making the clothing stylish is just as big of a priority for them. In fact, a lot of the clothing made by the company is designed with nice looking colors and patterns. If you are more of a fan of dresses than traditional exercise attire, Fabletics has that too. Fabletics also offer a great selection of swimwear that looks great and is very comfortable.

When you subscribe to the clothing of the month company, you can select your preferences to ensure that you get clothing that fits your tastes and needs. They offer a one minute quiz, and the questions on it help to determine the clothing that would suit you.

If you would like to try out some items from Fabletics without subscribing to the clothing of the month club on, that’s easy to do. In fact, you can purchase an outfit from the company for 25 dollars.

While most customers shop for their clothing online, you can also shop at Fabletics offline. Fabletics has 11 stores currently, and this number is going to rise. The company is growing very quickly, and as time goes on, dozens of new offline locations are likely to open across the country.

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David Osio – A Philanthropist Making a Difference in the World

David Osio is a well-known philanthropist, business person, financial advisor and the CEO of the Davos Financial Group. His philanthropic efforts around the world are well recognized, and he has also supported medical research, art, music, and community.

Mr.Osio has been working together with a good number of non-profit organizations which promote and support the welfare of the community by supporting the arts, music, and culture. He has been supporting charity organizations all over the world. Some of his notable supports are supporting MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra) where he was a member of the Orchestra Board, The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, Wayuu Taya Foundation, The Fundana Foundation, and UMA Foundation among others.

David Osio has always been concerned about the welfare of others, and through his help to the people who need help, he has been able to receive various international awards and recognition. Some of the international awards, which he has received include the Medal of Honor from the United States Congress, Movers and Shakers 2009, South Florida Business Leaders 2009, Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider by the New Europe magazine and Miami Award winner 2014.

Being the CEO and founder of the Davos Financial Group, Osio has been able to make the company grow worldwide, opening financial offices across the world. Devos Financial Group provides financial advice to its customers. Osio has been leading Devos into success, and the company’s profit has been rising significantly due to his leadership. He has also been able to open other independent and licensed companies around the world.

His successful career begun in 1981 as the president and CEO of Oped Enterprise, where he was managing the export of coffee program. He later worked for LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES where he structured marketing programs for various industrial products in the United States. His hard work enabled him to rise quickly to the highest ranks in the enterprise.

Osio joined Caracas law firm MGO where he ventured into banking law, and he was in charge of corporate clients. He later acceded to a Private Banking Division of Banko Latino International (BLI), where he was promoted in the next two years to be its Vice President of Banking Commercials. Through the experiences he gained from his previous works in different companies, Osio opened his businesses, Davos Financial Group of Companies in 1993. He has led his companies not only into financial prowess but also social responsibility.

Osio graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello as a lawyer. He later attended Estudios Superiores de Administración IESA where he obtained a specialized degree in International Banking Law (Advanced Management Program).

Folllow Osio on Twitter – @david_j_osio